SilverFast’s new printer calibration for perfect printing results


Kiel, Germany. 05/28/15 – LaserSoft Imaging’s newly developed printer calibration now offers an exclusive tool which guarantees colour precision and printing quality. The flexible settings also allow the optimization of all previously generated ICC compliant profiles. The printer calibration uses the existing scanner as a measuring device, eliminating the need for additional and more expensive hardware. The recommended pricing for this software upgrade is only $99.00.

Initially, the scanner is calibrated by using SilverFast’s patented auto IT8 calibration. The next step is to print a full gamut printer target containing 1.026 fields and over 1.000 tonal values. While the printer target is being scanned, SilverFast is automatically generating and saving an ICC-profile for the chosen printer-paper combination in the systems’s ICC-profile directory. This ensures, that the entire available colour space will be used with the maximum number of colours.

Since colour is a subjective perception, SilverFast offers the option of editing the generated profile according to the user’s desires. This inherently complex task of colour space adaptation is very easy to handle. Based on the generated ICC profile, a new target is printed, in which the user can select the most neutral tonal values according to their perception. After this, SilverFast computes a personal user profile and saves it.

The “Error-free” workflow controls the entire process from scan to print-out, allowing professional photographers, fine art printers as well as amateurs to quickly obtain optimum results.

Another important advantage is the broad spectrum of printers, ink and paper types that can now be supported by the new software upgrade. This allows the user to experiment and print with a greater range of materials at any time.

“The main three aspects for the users are: Quality, usability and price. We deliver all three with our printer calibration, putting us ahead.” says Karl-Heinz Zahorsky, founder and President of LaserSoft Imaging.

More information can be found at: printer-calibration/en.html

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