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Ryan Vince reviews the Vanguard ABEO Pro 283 AGH

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Ryan Vince is a published Canadian outdoor photographer, he specializes in wildlife and commercial outdoor. He is based out of Keswick, Ontario. www.ryanvince-photo.com

Vanguard ABEO Pro 283 AGH

I’ll admit I was skeptical when I first got my hands on the Vanguard Abeo Pro 283AGH with GH-300T Grip Head. I have had a fair bit of experience with Vanguard tripods in the past so I knew that the tripod would be lightweight and versatile. However the GH-300T Grip Head was something completely new to me.

The first thing I noticed upon unpacking the tripod was the fact that the feet were so incredibly dynamic, it was borderline exciting. You have the option of a spiked foot for slippery surfaces, a standard rubber foot for stable ground as well as an awesome set of what looks like snow shoes for sand, snow and other soft surfaces.

The tripod comes with a variety of accessories such as a weight bag that can be filled for extra stability on windy days and a variety of cable connectors for different camera shutter releases. My only complaint was the fact that the camera plate’s connector requires a coin/tool to mount it to your camera instead of the much simpler butterfly connector.

My first outing was a blistering, cold day. I mounted a Canon 1D Mark IV with a 200L 2.8 to the supplied mounting plate and when I placed the camera on the head there was no slack at all! The GH-300T has a trigger handle that is connected to the cameras shutter release for accurate panning. I was able to track all sorts of objects while shooting at 10FPS (frames per second) without having the camera bouncing all over. Being a long time gimbal user I really wasn’t expecting to enjoy this product but was pleasantly surprised.

Overall this is a very versatile tripod with a great price point that would be perfect for any semi-pro photographer.

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