Review – Vanguard Alta Pro 263AT & Kinray

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Ryan Vince is a published Canadian outdoor photographer, he specializes in wildlife and commercial outdoor. He is based out of Keswick, Ontario.


by Ryan Vince

Vanguard has become one of the go-to brands for professional and amateur photographers alike. High quality gear that is reasonably priced is something that needs to be recognized in the photo community. I have been a long time user of Vanguard products and recently had the chance to put some of their newer equipment to the test.

The Vanguard 263AT Tripod is one of the most versatile tripods on the market; being a wildlife photographer this is something that is very important to me. The ability to shoot macro with the “Multi-Angle-Center-Column” as well as easily supporting lenses up to 400MM on its sturdy ballhead is indispensable. At the end of the day carrying one tripod really helps to keep my pack light. I stored the Alta Pro in places such as the floor of my car and the bottom of a tin boat. It was dragged through dense forest and dragged across rock; after all of this the tough paint job hasn’t even scratched or scuffed a bit.

The next thing I needed was something to carry all of this in and the Vanguard Kinray seemed like a logical match. Its ample storage and heavy-duty tripod holder make it a serious contender as far as camera bags go. The first thing I did was get out all my gear and see what I could fit in the compartments.

Equipment List

  • Canon 1D Mark IV with fully extended Canon 100-400mm (Hood Reversed)
  • Canon 7D With Battery Grip
  • Canon 17-40mm
  • Canon 2x II Extender
  • Canon 580EX
  • Cactus v5 Transceiver x 2
  • Delkin Memory Card Case x 2
  • Vanguard Alta Pro 263AT
  • GoPro Hero3 Black Edition

by Ryan Vince


by Ryan Vince


by Ryan Vince


by Ryan Vince


by Ryan Vince

The Kinray has an excellent tripod holder, which has been something that has always bothered me with camera bags. I don’t enjoy getting hit in the back of the head with the ballhead and with this bag that is no longer an issue. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that my go to lens (Canon 100-400) would easily be accessed through the top portion of the bag. Lastly, the adjustability and padding of this camera/adventure backpack makes it incredibly comfortable to take on long hikes. Overall, I would highly recommend heading over to your local camera store and take a look at the variety of Vanguard product that is available, I plan on making both of these products permanent additions to my gear.

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