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POSTCARDS Challenge – Win a Lumix LX100

A Postcard from Canada


The PHOTO News Winter 2014/2015 Challenge theme is “Postcard” – your assignment: to capture an image that portrays a spectacular scene or event. This can be a landscape image, a photo of a landmark or icon, or a “selfie” that says “I was there!”

You may want to capture a special landmark or scene during the “magic hours” prior to dawn, or just before sunset, or shoot a familiar event from afresh new perspective.

The Postcard Challenge theme lends itself to travel and scenic images, but you could expand the scope by submitting images that convey a humourous, nostalgic, or philosophical theme – the possibilities are, as they say, “endless”.

The Postcard Challenge is now open to all Canadian photographers, you may post up to five photos per week. Deadline for submissions is midnight, January 13, 2015.

A selection of images will appear in the Spring issue of PHOTO News. The magazine requests permission for one-time publication rights to any images selected for publication in the print and digital editions of PHOTO News – all other rights remain with the photographer.

The photographer posting the best image to this thread will receive a special gift from our POSTCARD Challenge sponsor, Panasonic Canada.


For more details please visit our PHOTONews Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/groups/photonewsgallery/discuss/72157647231088633/

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