Playing in the Sand

David Hou - Playing in the Sand - Orange Dress Metal Accessories


Fashion Photographer David Hou was contracted by Fashion China Magazine to shoot a multi-page editorial. He decided the perfect location was Sandbanks Provincial Park near Belleville Ontario. The perfect site – 1km from the parking lot with no handy source of power! David graciously allowed Photoflex to tag along. Check out our behind the scenes video to see how things progressed and how David set everything up.



David chose the Photoflex Triton® Flash for two reasons: it is very light weight and runs off a battery. The Triton® Flash’s lithium ion battery that provides 750 shots at full power (300ws). The Triton® is also incredibly compact – we fit 4 heads, swivel mounts, batteries, cables and some modifiers into just one shoulder bag. That’s right…. A whole studio in just one bag.


David Hou - Playing in the Sand - Orange Dress in the Wind


David used a variety of light modifiers on location ranging from the 7” reflector to a 1.5’ OctoDome, up to a 5’ OctoDome to light the models. The great thing is that the Triton® can support the weight of any modifier. Depending on the look, different modifiers were used to create the right look.


David Hou - Playing in the Sand - Laying Silver Mask


The lighting was designed to work in tandem with the available light from the bright mid-day sun. The Triton has enough “punch” to balance even bright light sources. When in close for beauty shots, David used the 1.5’ OctoDome NXT that is included in the Triton® Flash Kit. This an ideal beauty light as it provides a similar look to a beauty dish and looks fantastic. For full length shots, David used the Triton with its 7” reflector. This provided a powerful secondary light source that really added some dramatic lighting to the shot in the harsh sunlight. The incredible thing is, most of the images were created with just one light. Sure, more lights could have been used but remember that sometimes the simplest setup is the right setup.


David Hou - Playing in the Sand - Shrouded by Branches Flare


David showed us that today’s photographers don’t need to be limited to their studios to create great images. With the right equipment, you can take your talents to the street, a client’s house, a wedding or to the beach.

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David Hou - Playing in the Sand - Looking at Camera Windy




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