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PHOTONews Winter 2010 Challenge Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the quarterly PHOTONews Challenge!


PHOTONews Winter 2010 Challenge Prince of Wales Hotel Waterton Alberta Thane Vanderaegen

Prince of Wales, Waterton
Thane Vanderaegen, of Lethbridge, AB, captured this image of the Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton using a Canon 40D and a Tamron 35-105 f2.8 lens at 63mm, shooting at 1/200 second and f/8, ISO 250.
“Upon arriving in Waterton after an early autumn snowstorm, I was amazed to see the contrast created between the fall colors and the fresh snowfall.”

PHOTONews Winter 2010 Challenge Snow Covered Hay Bales Grassy Lake Alberta Patrick Kavanagh

Catching the Drift
 Patrick Kavanagh of Taber, AB, captured this image of hay bales caught in a snow drift near Grassy Lake, AB, with a Nikon D90 and 18-105mm lens set at 18mm, shooting at f/8 and ISO 200. This is an HDR image produced from three bracketed exposures (0+2-2) and processed through Photomatix.
“These hay bales were miles away from any farm, so I scouted out various angles until I saw this one with the snow drift, sunlight and cloud formations. Snow drifts produce some amazing textures and shapes but it can be cold, so you learn to shoot fast!”

PHOTONews Winter 2010 Challenge Snow Covered Bicycle Scarborough Ontario Mike Young

Mike Young of Scarborough, ON captured this image of a snow covered bicycle with a Pentax K10D and 50mm prime lens, shooting  at 1/350 second and f/8, ISO 400.
“I shot in close so the bicycle filled the frame, and knelt down to shoot straight on the subject.” 



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