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PHOTONews Flickr Readers Gallery Autumn 2010

PHOTONews Magazine is delighted to recognize the work of the following Canadian photographers, whose vision and creativity brightens our Reader’s Gallery this issue.

Our new website now includes an area on the right side showing the most recent submissions to our Flickr Photostream, where all readers can view the work submitted and post comments… we encourage you to post your favourite image – a selection of the best of the images will be published in each issue of PHOTONews!

Readers participating in the published gallery will receive a special gift. Photographers will retain all copyright to the images shown in the gallery, both online and in print.

Take a few minutes to review your favourite images, and visit http://www. for complete instructions for submitting photo files to the PHOTONews  Reader’s Gallery



PHOTONews Autumn 2010 Reader's Gallery Harris Hui Boardwalk at Terra Nova

Boardwalk at Terra Nova
Harris Hui took this picture on a bright sunny summer day at Terra Nova Rural Park in Richmond BC, using a Fuji S3 Pro DSLR and Nikon 28mm fixed lens and a Hoya R72 infrared filter.
“The R72 filter only allows infrared light to enter the lens and the infrared light is invisible to the naked eye. Because of the filtering, the exposure usually takes very long. Under the bright sunny weather, I exposed the picture for 15 seconds. The detailed settings are ISO 400, F11.0 aperture and 15 seconds shutter in B&W mode in camera. The infrared pictures will give different tones in a regular scene because objects will have different reflectivity of infrared light. Usually foliage will become white for example. It is a great fun taking infrared pictures!”



PHOTONews Autumn 2010 Reader's Gallery Anatasia Ganzulya Cat's Eye

Cat’s Eye
Anastasia Ganzulya of Concord, ON, has been shooting for about 6 years as a hobby. She has shot professionally for Future Stars Photography, and has taken photos of Dj/Musician Edward Maya, that were posted onto his official website. This photograph was taken with a Nikon D200 with a 28-85mm zoom lens, which has a macro feature, at 28mm, f/5.6, 1/125 second, ISO 500.
“It was hard to get the cats attention but the cat has fascinating eye colour, I had to capture it!” 



PHOTONews Autumn 2010 Reader's Gallery Eric Meunier Droplet on a Lotus Leaf

Droplet on a Lotus Leaf
Eric Meunier, of Toronto, Ontario, took this picture with a Canon 7D and a rented 100-400mm L-series lens. Exposure settings were 1/40 at f/14, +1 exposure bias, ISO 200.
“This photo was shot during a trip to a water garden. I was fascinated by the water droplets nested in the lotus leaves and their potential for nice reflections. A little bit of curve adjustment during post-processing gave the velvety look to the lotus leaf.”



PHOTONews Autumn 2010 Reader's Gallery Yevgeniy Davletshin Sunset on McRay Lake

Sunset on McRay Lake
Yevgeniy Davletshin of Toronto, ON, is an amateur photographer, who shoots for fun during his free time. Yevgeniy captured this image of a sunset on McRay Lake, ON using a Sigma SD14 with 10-20mm F4-5.6 EX DC HSM, at 10mm, f/9, 1/30 second, ISO 100.
“It was a peaceful and warm evening on McRay Lake, where I was camping. Combination of windless weather and clouds above the lake allowed me to capture an amazing reflection of a sunset.”



PHOTONews Autumn 2010 Reader's Gallery Emmanuel Huybrechts Butterfly on a Tiger Lily

Butterfly on a Tiger Lily
Emmanuel Huybrechts of Montreal, CA started photography seriously four years ago. Emmanuel captured this image of a butterfly with a Pentax K-7 and a Pentax DA 21mm prime lens at f/3.2 1/125second, ISO 640.
“I wanted to try a different perspective than the 50mm or 100mm macro I usually employ. The DA 21mm focused close enough for this purpose. I didn’t touch the contrast or saturation sliders, it came as is right from the default Lightroom processing. The DA 21mm is really a special lens when it comes to punchy colors.”



PHOTONews Autumn 2010 Reader's Gallery Lisa Couldwell Golden Canola

Golden Canola
Lisa Couldwell of Calgary Alberta, has been involved in amateur photography as a hobby since February 2009. Lisa captured this photo of Central Alberta canola fields in full bloom at early evening sun in July 2010 using her trusty Pentax K7 and 18-55 kit lens at 55mm, ISO 400 and f/18.
“My friend Terry and I were heading home after an afternoon of shooting near Drumheller when we spotted this gorgeous field of golden canola off Highway 9. I couldn’t resist the temptation to take a shot as it was such an incredible sight. I knew it would be my favorite photo of the day when I started shooting and it was.”




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