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PHOTONews Challenge Autumn 2011

Val West - Moonset and Black Clouds

Moonset and Black Clouds
Val West, of Ridgetown, Ontario, went to the beach to photograph the setting moon with her Pentax K10D, but the black clouds cut the night a bit short.
“The waves were huge crashing over the pylons but with the 5 minute exposure at f/5, 100 ISO, the waves smoothed out. The red lights from the far shore are the wind turbines flashing. The white strip along the shoreline would be the waves cresting and reflecting the moonlight.”
For a visual tour of the images of Val and Bob West, please visit, and tour their flickr photostreams at and



The PHOTONews Challenge for Autumn 2011 is to explore the shutter speed dial, to capture a scene, or an activity, using a shutter speed of 1/10 second or longer – or 1/1000 second or faster.

At the long end of the shutter speed scale, the topic lends itself to night photography, where long exposures can turn night into day, and track the movement of light. At the fast end of the scale, techniques of high-speed action challenge our skills with flash photography, or ambient light images taken at wide apertures, ultra-fast shutter speeds, and high ISO settings.

The Autumn Challenge explores the limits of camera, lens, and your “photographer’s eye”. Take a look at the Autumn Challenge thread at the flickr group for additional samples, suggestions, and technique tips.

Please note that very long exposures require freshly charged batteries – and a tripod and remote shutter release are useful accessories.

To participate in the PHOTONews Challenge, please visit our flickr® group at www. and click on the discussion thread titled “PHOTONews Autumn 2011 Challenge”. Post a 600 pixel wide version of your entry in this thread – please include your name, your location, a description of how you took the photograph, and why you feel it is a special image. Full instructions on how to join the flickr® group, and how to post photos, can be found at the flickr® site.

The photo pool at our flickr® group will also be used to select images for our Reader’s Gallery – so take a look, sign in, post a few of your favourite photos, and enjoy our interactive photographic adventures!





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