Photoflex RockSteady Sandbags – Save Weight on Location

For photographers working on location, anything to save weight is welcome advice. Cameras, lenses, lights, stands. The list goes on and the bags are endless. On a recent shoot with Trevor, we needed to shed a few pounds to get into the location.

Enter the Photoflex RockSteady. Photoflex constructed this sandbag with versatility in mind. Featuring a dual-zipper, dual-sided system, the sandbag ships empty, allowing the photographer to choose their fill of choice. Some photographers will go with the standard white sand, others utilize lead-shot from a hunting/camping goods store. Or, if you want to leave all that weight at home, wait until you get to a location and find a few rocks in the garden. For this shoot, we went with Gatorade. Fill up the sandbags with a few plastic bottles on each side, and when your shoot is done, grab a cool beverage.

The dual-zipper design ensures that the contents of the sandbag won’t leak out on your set. The dual D-rings allow you to easily attach the sand bag to a boom arm while the folded design makes it easy to drape over a light stand lag.

The Photoflex RockSteady retails for $24.99.

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