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Photoflex PX823 Constellation Large SilverDome KitPX823 Constellation Large SilverDome Kit

The new Photoflex® PX823 Constellation® Large SilverDome Kit is the perfect solution for lighting a video set. It provides up to 3000 Watts (Tungsten) or 900 Watts (Daylight) with three individual sockets with power control over each bulb. The included SilverDome has heat vents to keep operating temperatures low.

Kit Includes:

  • Constellation®3 light head
  • Large SilverDome® soft box (36” x 48”)
  • 3 CoolStar 150 CFLs
  • 3 Starlite® 1000w lamps
  • LiteStand 2320Y (12 feet)
  • Tilt Swivel
  • 2 power cords
  • TransPac® Dual Kit Case


Photoflex PX007 Constellation HeadPX007 Constellation Head

The Constellation® is the perfect continuous lighting solution for those that demand big light output. The Constellation® will accept 3 StarLite tungsten bulbs (1000W or 500W) or 3 150W CoolStar bulbs. Each bulb can be controlled individually allowing 3 power settings. The Constellation® is an incredibly efficient light source as the bulbs are housed inside the modifier.


  • Design maximizes the efficiency of light source
  • Built in Speed Ring for Light modifiers
  • Up to 3000 Watts Tungsten
  • Up to 450 Watts CFL (1500 Watts Tungsten Equivalent)
  • All Constellation heads are ULC certified


Photoflex PX300 StarFire FlashPX300 StarFire Flash

Photoflex® has just introduced an inexpensive, powerful, and portable flash without the bells and whistles or cost of a TTL flash. The StarFire flash is comparable in power to a Canon 580EXII or a Nikon SB900, the StarFire is the perfect solution for photographers that want to use a flash with radio triggers like the new FlashFire.

With most radio trigger systems, a TTL flash needs to be operated manually. The StarFire flash provides photographers an inexpensive way to build a multi-light setup to compliment existing studio strobes or create an entire portable studio setup. The StarFire  features two optical slave modes, one that syncs with the first flash (like on a studiostrobe) and one that syncs after a TTL pre-flash. This allows the StarFire to be used with a wireless TTL setup albeit manually as a “kicker light” or with studio strobes; in both cases, syncing with optical slaves.


  • Guide Number 80 (@35mm, 100 ISO)
  • 3 Flash Modes (Manual, Slave 1, Slave 2)
  • 7 Power output settings
  • Power Source: 4 AA Batteries
  • Battery Life up To: 1500 flashes
  • Recycle Time: Approximately 4 seconds
  • Colour temperature 5600K
  • Flash Duration 1/800s to 1/20,000s
  • Weight: 250g


Photoflex PX301 FlashFire Radio TriggerPX301 FlashFire Radio Trigger

The StarFire flash can also be paired with the compact and innovative Photoflex® 16 channel FlashFire radio trigger. This creates a robust and affordable radio trigger system that uses a receiver with a hotshoe allowing use with any flash – not just flashes equipped with PC sync sockets. A unique design feature is that the flash stays securely attached to the receiver’s hotshoe so the receiver is less likely to be lost. The FlashFire also includes the cables to hook up to studio strobes. The FlashFire can be purchased in a kit with a transmitter and receiver or as a stand-alone receiver.


  • 50m range (164ft)
  • 2.4GHz 16 Channel
  • Flash Sync Speed: 1/200s
  • Power Source Trigger: 1x CR2 (20,000 flashes / battery)
  • Power Source Receiver: 2x AAA (up to 45 hours standby)
  • Includes ¼” and 3.5mm jacks for attachment to studio strobes


Photoflex PX287 Small LiteDome KitPX287 Small LiteDome Kit

The Small LiteDome Kit is perfect for one off camera flash to be used as a main portrait light. The Adjustable ShoeMount hardware allows you to attach virtually any flash and has a second shoe for a radio trigger. The kit includes a 16 x 22” Small LiteDome, Stand, Basic connector ShoeMount hardware and a bonus 30” convertible umbrella.
















Photoflex PX604 Medium LiteDome DualFlash KitPX604 Medium LiteDome DualFlash Kit

The The Medium LiteDome DualFlash Kit is the ideal way to take your softbox on location. Two shoes for flashes, and two more for radio triggers, make this medium size softbox a big- league performer in the studio, or on the road. The kit includes a 24×32” Medium LiteDome, dual flash reflector connector, dual flash adapter kit, and a medium size metal light stand.



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