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Nature is my Kingdom by Patrick Di Fruscia

Patrick Di Fruscia is an awardwinning, visionary, fine art nature and landscape photographer.


Nature is my Kingdom Antelope Canyon Arizona Canon 5D MK II 17-40mm Heliopan Polarizer

Sculpted by Nature - Antelope Canyon, Arizona. Canon 5D MK II, 17-40mm L at 17mm, f/14, 30 sec, Heliopan Polarizer.

Patrick spent most of his childhood years in the Canadian countryside, where his experiences with nature had a profound influence, igniting his passion for the beauties of the natural world.


Nature is my Kingdom British Columbia Canada canon 5D MK II 70-200mm Manfrotto Tripod

Out of Eden – British Columbia, Canada. Canon 5D MK II, 70-200mm L, f/2.8 at 115mm, 0.5 sec, Heliopan polarizer, Lee ND grad filter, Manfrotto tripod.


Patrick’s love for the arts has grown throughout the years, and he attributes his devotion to interpreting nature in an artistic manner to his parents’ dedication to the arts. His father, Joseph, was a professional photographer; his mother, Michele, was a gifted artist who shared with him her fine eye for details, which has infused his own art.


Nature is my Kingdom Costa Rica Canon 5D 24-70 Manfrotto Tripod

Moonlight Desire – Costa Rica. Canon 5D, 24-70 f/2.8 at 62mm, f/19, 1.5 sec, Heliopan polarizer, Lee ND grad filter, Manfrotto tripod.

As he began reading everything he could get his hands on about photography, he quickly realized this art form would enable him to express his inner feelings about the world around him. His desire to record the beauty of nature became insatiable and the camera became the perfect “voice” for his intense love.


Nature is my Kingdom Samana Dominican Republic Canon 5D MK II Zeiss 21mm Distagon Gitzo Tripod

A Beautiful Life – Samana, Dominican Republic. Canon 5D MK II, Zeiss 21mm Distagon T* F2,8 Lens, Heliopan Polarizer, Lee ND Grad Filter, Gitzo Traveler tripod.



The crux of his search was found while visiting the magnificent Gaspé Peninsula. On a warm autumn morning he approached the summit of Mont Ernest LaForce. The views took his breath away! At that moment he knew that nature was calling out his name. It was a magical experience whose memory has never grown dim. The art of photography had become his true passion.


Nature is my Kingdom Grand Canyon Arizona canon 5D MK II 70-200 Manfrotto Tripod

Living on the Edge – Grand Canyon, Arizona. Canon 5D MK II, 70-200mm L, f/2.8 at 70mm, 0.3 sec, f/18. Heliopan polarizer, Lee ND grad filter, Manfrotto tripod.



Since then, Di Fruscia’s fine art photography has won many awards, and his work has been published and displayed by National Geographic Magazine, Kodak, several art galleries around the globe, as well as appearing in a multitude of books, calendars, magazines, travel guides, and other media.


Nature is my Kingdom Zion National park Utah canon 5D 24-70 Manfrotto Tripod

The Golden Age – Zion National Park, Utah. Canon 5D, 24-70mm f/2.8 at 31mm, f/18, 1/10 sec, Heliopan polarizer, Lee ND grad filter, Manfrotto tripod.



Di Fruscia’s desires to improve his craft and grow as an artist never wane. He believes the learning curve is endless, and he has only himself to criticize when he feels he is not living up to his artistic endeavors. Constantly searching for those transcendent moments when the perfect light embraces nature in all its splendor, his work assures us: this is merely the beginning of a long and dedicated quest to capture the magnificent and unique beauty of nature through the lens of Patrick Di Fruscia.


Nature is my Kingdom Namibia Africa Canon 5D 17-40 Gitzo Traveler Tripod

Nowhere to Hide – Namibia, Africa. Canon 5D, 17-40mm L at 21mm, f/22, 1/6 Sec, Heliopan polarizer, Gitzo Traveler tripod


For a rare visual experience, visit Patrick’s website at www.DiFrusciaPhotography.com



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