Metz 52AF-1 Photokina Preview

I had a chance to play with the new Metz 52AF-1 at Photokina in Germany. All I can say is WOW! This is probably one of the most interesting flashes I’ve ever played with. The first thing that strikes you is when you turn it around it has a large LCD screen. Then you realize it’s a touch screen. I found that very cool.

Coolness aside I had to dig into the menu and see what’s new compared to the 50AF-1. The older 50AF-1 had a kind quirky menu that was a combination of pressing buttons simultaneously. Certainly not hard to use it just took a while to figure out. Digging into the 52AF-1’s menu was extremely simple. I don’t think I’ve ever handled a flash that is so easy to navigate. Most interestingly, I found a master mode for wireless flash. Hmmm master mode on a mid range flash with control over groups AB&C? Now they had me thinking this will be a very popular product.

It feels good too. I had a chance to play with many of the knock off flashes from China and they didn’t seem to have the same build quality of this Metz.

This flash should be available in Canada right before Christmas so I’d put it on your wish list.

Here are some features of the 52AF-1 at a glance:

  • Guide number 52
  • Master, slave and servo modes
  • Fast recycle time – about 3 seconds
  • Manual & TTL functions
  • Very easy to navigate menu
  • Touch screen


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