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Karen Hayes is an author, environmentalist and VP, Marketing and Operations of Lynx Hooks Systems LLC.

Lynx Hooks

Lynx Hooks – Sport Stretch Straps


Choose The Right Equipment To Secure Your Equipment

When loading up for a trek into the great outdoors, you’d be right to cringe when using bungee cords to secure your precious camera equipment to your conveyance, be it snowmobile, UTV, backpack or kayak. But with spring just around the corner and a refreshing new pallet of adventures ahead, consider a tie-down system worthy of your gear: the LYNX Hooks® Interlocking Adjustable Tie-Down System. Versatile, modular, convertible, attractive, and infinitely safer — words nobody ever used in the same sentence with “bungee cord.”

The idea started with humbler cargo: a winter’s worth of farmhouse refuse piled in the bed of my pickup, bound for the local recycling station and in need of a tarp (it’s the law in Idaho). None of my many bungees was the right length, and when I stretched a too-short one just a teensy bit more it snapped, the hook whacked me in the face and I flipped backward off the truck. Mostly unhurt, I wondered why, over a 50-year history, the only change in bungee cords was that they’d gotten cheaper, and I’d gotten stupider. After all, I knew better.

Lynx Hooks

Spouse and friends to the rescue.

We put our heads together and developed a tie-down system that makes short work of tying stuff down, safely and securely, so you can get your work done and go play. The straps themselves, custom made for us by the quality-compulsive guys at Rok Straps, are part stretch, part adjustable — from 19 inches all the way out to 45 inches, and any length in between, securely. So instead of overstretching to reach your anchor point, you can hook up long, then tighten down. If 45 inches isn’t long enough, the hooks lock together with an audible CLICK: Now you’ve got as much length as you’ll ever need, and each strap in the line is adjustable. The coolest part: You can click the hooks together into a cluster and build a simple cargo net, right on your cargo, with each leg of the spider adjustable to fit the load. You can even build additional clusters at the free end of each leg, for a net that’s as elaborate as the job requires. Whether it’s camera gear on an ATV or a tarp on a 30-foot-tall stack of fresh hay, you’ve got what you need to hold your gear dear.

How it works

How it works

The patented interlocking hooks are high-impact ABS, designed for strength and flexibility in all kinds of weather. The patented straps’ short stretch section is flat solid natural rubber (not a bundle of thin strands) treated for UV- and marine-resistance and clad with an equally resistant (and frankly beautiful) braided polyester jacket. The adjustable section is durable and weather-resistant poly webbing. All components are rated for optimum safety at 20 pounds per strap: for securing your gear to your machine, not for tying your ATV to a flatbed (that’s what ratchet straps are for!). Pack. Secure. Play.™ And get out there.

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