Firehouse Portraits By Ian Spanier

The Lesson:
As I do about 95% of the time, I prepare for my shoot with a lighting scheme in mind prior to the shoot day. I do this for two reasons. First, I find that when this is done, I can walk into a location ready to set up, and if I run into roadblocks, I can make adjustments more easily than when I go in without an idea of my set up. Second, it allows me, when working with an assistant(s), to show them exactly what I’m thinking so I can spend valuable time the day of the shoot getting to know the client. In this case, my lighting scheme was exactly what I intended, so I was able to take what I needed and make a white studio in an unusual space quickly.

The Shoot
As with most of my location shoots, challenges are always present. It’s a rare occasion to be given a large empty covered space with ample outlets, consistent power and high ceilings. Fortunately, in this location, the firehouse had a large room with decent ceilings (but not high) and good electricity. We were able to move couches, tables and chairs over to the side of the room to fit the lights and the seamless background in, but still had to work around a big screen TV and wall unit.

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