Edgy Fashion Portraits By Miss Aniela

The Lesson:

In this lesson, fine-art photographer Miss Aniela demonstrates how to create compelling fashion portraits using flash on location. This shoot took place in an abandoned building in Kent, England, with a model, hair stylist and assistant, and was shot with a Photoflex® TritonFlash™ Kit.

The portraits were done primarily with the technique of split-lighting, where the model, Samantha, was lit by the flash from one side. Processed afterward in Capture One and Adobe Photoshop, the images were complimented with strong tonal and colour enhancements that made the most of the textures and features of the location.

The Concept:

The purpose of this shoot was to show off the costumes of a London-based fashion designer, Ara Jo, with a model in an interesting location. The shoot was not done for any particular client, but we hired the team as an assignment for my own portfolio, for the designer’s portfolio, and potentially as a magazine submission.

The costumes were quite avant-garde and I wanted a dramatic scene to give them deserving context. We chose an abandoned building, originally an animal laboratory, which we’d already scouted the day before to make sure we could safely access the building, and pinpoint rooms we wanted to shoot in.

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