Broncolor Lighting Seminar with Nadia Winzenried, April 7th, 2014

Broncolor Lighting Seminar 2014

Broncolor Lighting Seminar – April 7th, 2014

Learn how the world’s leading lighting system can free your creativity and save you time by giving great results with simple settings. This seminar introduces participants to professional studio lighting techniques for product as well as portrait photography. Nadia will be demonstrating lighting techniques using the extensive line of broncolor power packs and accessories. Her approach to photography and lighting is a very intuitive one. She only has a general idea in mind about the final image, but to achieve the precise result she really likes to experiment. This might sound as if her photos are a result of coincidence, but having a very “critical eye” a sense of aesthetic quality and being flexible during the shooting are important contributors to her successful result. She considers working with broncolor as a privilege. Her words “I have so many possibilities; I never have to worry or even think about the equipment.”

Nadia joined Bron as a photographer, seminar instructor and technical adviser in 2001. She travels around the world with her seminars meeting other photographers and exchanging opinions in one of the 6 languages she speaks, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and English.

The seminars focus is on understanding the principles behind the tools so photographers are free to experiment and push the boundaries of traditional photography.

Discover what you can do with broncolor, and light up your creativity.


Album Studio A

Album Studio A

92 Geary Ave. Toronto, Ontario, M6H 2B6
Tel:  416.537.9494  ext.1


– Morning

Stills and Product 9:00 am -12:30pm

The seminar will start promptly at 9:00 am, coffee and snacks will be available. The morning part of the seminar is about shiny objects using the Scoro and Move 1200L power packs along with an assortment of flash heads such as the Pulso G, Picolite and Pulso Spot 4 to name a few. Lunch Break, Lunch which will be provided.

– Afternoon

Portrait Photography 1:30 pm – 5:00 pm The afternoon seminar is about unusual ways to use the light shapers. There will be a portrait set up with HMI, some movement, (short flash duration) mixing flash and HMI as well as using the Para.

Ticket Price: CAD$250

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