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broncolor launches Gen NEXT 2017 online photo contest

Gen NEXT program from broncolor seeks young photographers with exceptional talent and creative vision to become Gen NEXT Ambassadors.
bron Gen NEXT 2017

For a chance to become a Gen NEXT ambassador, share three of your most inspiring images to the official contest website at The contest is open to image makers worldwide, between the ages of 18 and 30, looking to push their career to the next level. Entries are accepted between January 16th and March 6th, 2017, with winners announced the following month by April 26th.

Selected winners will be named as Gen NEXT ambassadors and outfitted with $24,000 (USD) of broncolor equipment. For the next two years, their work and journey as growing photographers will be featured on the Gen NEXT website ( With stunning images, behind-the-scenes content, and insight on the photographer’s artistic decisions, Gen NEXT gives an insider look at the creative growth, while promoting the ambassadors’ work to broncolor’s global audience.

First launched in 2014, Gen NEXT features 15 outstanding young photographers representing a wide range of interests in the world of image making. Through their impressive work, the current Gen NEXT ambassadors have already received considerable worldwide attention and continue to lead the way with inspiring images.

First Generation

Gen NEXT ambassadors from the inaugural 2014 group of five include Benjamin Von Wong (CAN), Dustin Snipes (USA), Jason Jia (CHN), Lara Jade (USA) and Manuel Mittelpunkt (GER).

Second generation

Gen NEXT’s 2015 group features Anita Anti (UKR), Cristina Otero (ESP), Gonzaga Manso (ESP), Lauri Laukkanen (FIN), and Yulia Gorbachenko (UKR).

Third generation
The latest group from 2016, adds five more ambassadors; David Sheldrick (UK), Jvdas Berra (MX), Justin Lister (USA), Lara Zankoul (LB), and Natalia Evelyn Bencicova (SK).

To find out who will follow in their footsteps, stay tuned on and on our social media channels Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Youtube as @broncolor.

Welcome to the future of photography. Welcome to broncolor Gen NEXT.


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