Techniques photo (In French)

Text and photos by Daniel DuPont.

Les Éditions Daniel Dupont

Photography for everyone. The six chapters of this book demystify techniques that most photographers are interested in exploring: macro photos, birds, panoramas, night photos, flash techniques, and HDR photography that allow you to reproduce both shadows and highlights of a subject.

For each theme, the technique is explained and illustrated with spectacular images. Dupont also describes exercises to enhance your skills. A most enjoyable book for photographers.


Penguins. The world’s coolest birds.

Text and Photograhy by Wayne Lynch.

Firefly Books.

World-famous photographer and scientific writer Dr. Wayne Lynch has a passion and fascination for the members of the Penguin family. Calling himself a “penguin fanatic,” he has travelled thousands of miles to sit among hundreds, even thousands of penguins on the distant beaches of the Galapagos Islands, Chile, Antarctica and New Zealand. In this new edition, Lynch includes photographs of these intriguing birds and reveals the effects of climate change on the habitat, life cycle and the future of these resilient birds. Advances in genetic science have revealed a number of new species that Lynch adds to this new edition.

With a lively, humorous writing style and unforgettable photos, Penguins! explores the daily life of this fascinating sea-bird.

Dans ma nature (in French)

Sophie Thibault.

Les Éditions de l’homme.

Sophie Thibault, anchor of TVA’s 22-hours, reveals her passion for photography in this wonderful book, which includes 8 detachable photos, ready to frame. We discover her artistic eye through different scenes taken in the four corners of the world; her favourites images from the last four years. In my nature is the itinerary of a devouring passion, the unlikely path of a news anchor from the other side of the camera. In 2012, Thibault took up photography without thinking that this art would become a compulsive obsession. From elk to birds of prey, from Tanzania to the banks of the Danube, discover the universe of a hyperactive eye.

L’odyssée des illusions (in French)

Jean Lemire

Les Éditions La Presse

Filmmaker and biologist Jean Lemire has been sailing the seas for 25 years in search of the best water landscapes, to educate people about the beauty and fragility of the planet. Aboard the Sedna IV, he travelled the seas of the world and was able to see major environmental issues. He sought answers to the inexplicable and sometimes inconceivable problems. Through this book, illustrated with more than 150 photos, we relive the great waypoints of this journey around the planet. Lemire shares his reflections, his moments of happiness, his disappointments and his disillusionment, testifying, again and again, in the hope that words and images will inspire a wind of change for future generations.

40 ans de Hockey. Dans l’œil de Bernard Brault (in French)

Photographs by Bernard Brault, text by François Gagnon

Les Editions La Presse

Bernard Brault is undoubtedly one of the best press photographers of his generation. His impressive portfolio puts him in a class of his own. He has covered 11 Summer and Winter Olympic Games, all of the Formula 1 Canada Grand Prix races, countless world championships and high level competitions. He has won more than 300 awards, mentions and decorations from all over the world.

Since 1976, Brault has followed the Montreal Canadiens – on the ice, in the dressing room and in the most diverse circumstances, to the point of becoming a privileged witness of the Habs – the one who, by his art, immortalized the small and the great moments of the team in our collective memory.

The approximately 250 photos carefully selected for this book will remind you of intense moments of action – the extraordinary stops of Canadian goalkeepers from Ken Dryden to Carey Price, and the mood swings of the coaches from Scotty Bowman to Michel Therrien. You will smile by seeing unusual photos of players, and relive some unforgettable pre-game ceremonies as well as the Stanley Cup celebrations. You will see Guy Lafleur in the uniforms of the Canadiens, Rangers and Nordiques, and see a rare foray into the Canadiens locker room.

A history of photography in 50 cameras,

Michael Pritchard, FRPS

Firefly Books

Explore the history of 180 years of photographic evolution through the cameras that changed the way we saw the world around us. The history of photography, more than any other art, is a history of technology and evolution. This book covers the cameras in all their forms, revealing the origins and development of each model and tracing the stories of the photographers who used and popularized them. Illustrated throughout with studio shots of the fifty cameras and a selection of landmark photographs. The illustrations show not only the cameras, but also the advertising materials that accompanied them and some of the well-known images they produced. The author uses each device as a point of entry to talk about the people who created and used them.

Cape Breton Collection.

Warren Gordon.

To commemorate 40 years of work, Gordon presents a collection of beautiful photos of the island spanning the years 1975 to 2015. Many colour photographs show the incredible landscapes of Cape Breton Island.

Photographs from the edge.

Art Wolfe with Rob Sheppard.

Amphoto Books.

Discover the secrets behind forty years of impressive photographs from all over the world. Wolfe takes you from the Himalayan Mountains to the sandy shores of the island of Mnemba, with stops in the crowded streets of India and the alkaline lakes of Africa along the way.

You will learn about the equipment, settings and creative choices behind each photo. From endangered species to cultural celebrations to natural wonders, Wolfe gives life to every subject through his amazing photographs and the stories that he shares in this new genre of photo safari.

Colouring Canada.

Michelle Valberg.

For the first time, the images of photographer Michelle Valberg, Canadian Nikon Ambassador and Canadian Photographic photographer in residence, were “greyscaled” and transformed into a colouring book. Produced in commemoration of Canada’s 150th anniversary, Colouring Canada showcases the beauty of Canada’s 10 provinces and three territories through some of the photographer’s favourite images, which readers can use to create their own masterpieces.

Florida Manatees, Biology, Behaviour and Conservation.

John E. Reynolds III. Photographs by Wayne Lynch

The manatees, the gentle giants of the lagoons of Florida and coastal habitats, can bring a smile to those who have the chance to encounter them. They provide hours of quiet fun. Today, as an endangered species, their habitat is often devastated by human development and pollution. They are also at the mercy of boats powered by razor-sharp propellers, a new form of predator from which they have no protection. This book is a celebration of the life of these majestic creatures.


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