Awagami – There is a reason to print.

For today’s photographers, printing images on paper may not be the first thing on their mind when capturing images. In the history of arts and photography, the paper has played a significant role, and it made possible to preserve great artworks for hundreds of years. Today, in the digital age, the paper is not the only way to store photographer’s work but the only material that can offer photographers another dimension of image presentation. Awagami Washi Inkjet Papers are carefully crafted with historic Japanese techniques which makes the papers fully archival and environmentally friendly. While following the craftsmanship and tradition of paper making in Japan for over 1300 years, Awagami Inkjet Papers are perfectly made for today’s Digital Artists and Photographers. Awagami Inkjet papers allow you to fine tune your image for the best presentation. For more information & ICC profiles visit

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