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Antarctica – Sensory Overload

I knew what I was supposed to be doing. I knew what I was there for. But I couldn’t bring myself to do the job for which I’d travelled 3200 nautical miles and across three continents for. My cameras and equipment—the tools of my trade—hung loosely at my side. My mind was simply and utterly overwhelmed by the scene before me…

>>Read Michelle’s article at PHOTONews Magazine Spring 2015.

PHOTONews TV presents Michelle Valberg: Antarctica – Sensory Overload

About the Author:

Michelle Valberg is the founder of Valberg Imaging, Ottawa, a Canadian Nikon Ambassador, and an award-winning Canadian photographer. Renowned for her soulful portraiture, majestic wildlife and stunning landscapes, Michelle recently published her third book, Arctic Kaleidoscope: The People, Wildlife and Ever-Changing Landscape.

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