150mm Filter System

The Tamron 15-30mm F2.8 lens is a brilliant piece of glass that is getting quite a bit of fan-fare from photographers. One common issue with these ultra wide angle lenses however are the protruding front elements which make it very difficult to mount traditional threaded filters. As a result photographers have to turn towards filter boxes which mount around the perimeter of the lens and hold independent square filters. NISI is a company that finally offers a solution for those looking to fit a high quality filter box onto their Tamron 15-30mm F2.8 lens.

Filter Holder NISI

When I first received the NISI filters and box in the mail, I did not know what to expect when I unboxed it. One look at the product however and I knew I was looking at something well put together. The filter box itself is CNC machined for precision and you can tell by simply looking at it that the finish is superb.  There are no loose parts and all the tolerances are tight.

Filter Holder On Lens

Mounting of the box is incredibly simple. You simply slide the collar of the filter box over the lens and tighten the two screws on the side of the collar until the filter box is seated properly; because of the precise machining it really only takes a couple turns before the box is fully seated.

Filter On Lens

The filter box provides three slots to hold filters allowing you to stack the filters as needed. Again, the CNC machining here proves to be incredibly precise because once the filters are mounted there is virtually no wiggle room between filters. Everything is sealed and seated properly, as it should be.

The filters themselves came packaged in a beautiful leather case which proved to be a great storage solution. I was rather impressed by the filters once I took them out of the leather case. They were made of a nice thick glass and the rubber edge protectors look like they will stand the test of time.

Filter Pack NISI

In order to give the NISI filters a proper test I decided to head over to a local waterfall near my hometown. I chose to shoot mid-day so that we maximized contrast as well as checked for any issues with flaring, ghosting, and fringing. Furthermore, shooting mid-day meant the waterfall would be packed full of people, and that gives us a chance to showcase exactly where these filters shine.


I took a simple before and after image of the waterfall. The first image is shot without a filter. Exposure was balanced in camera. The second image was taken with the NISI 3 stop ND filter. Exposure was matched to the original image in camera.



You can immediately see the benefit of using an ND filter in this situation. I was able to keep the shutter open for a full 30 second exposure in mid-day sun with the NISI ND filter. Not only was I able to capture the fluidity of the water, but it was long enough to completely rid the image of people giving the impression that the waterfall was deserted.

The quality and simplicity of the box and filter set in the field was phenomenal. It was incredibly easy to assemble and disassemble. I had no issues with slipping glass or light leaks. Things simply fit well as they should.

Upon reviewing the images I feel like the NISI filters are made of very high quality glass and have fantastic coatings to prevent flare. In the waterfall images you will notice there is a sun flare and this was done on purpose. I shot towards the sun so as to make sure I put the lens and filter into conditions that amplified the issue. I have confirmed that the flare is being created by the lens and that the filter itself has absolutely no impact on it. Furthermore I feel like there is a very negligible reduction in contrast and sharpness while using the filter. I could not notice any issues with fringing beyond any fringing caused by the lens itself.

There is only one real issues that I could speak of and that is the filter has a tendency to throw off the white balance towards the cool side. Images taken with the ND filters had a noticeable blue hue, though this is easily fixable through a custom white balance or in post.

What I Liked

  • Quality of the filters and holder is superb
  • Carrying case is solid and convenient
  • The filters don’t interfere with lens optics
  • Easy to use

What I Wasn’t Fond Of:

  • Heavier than a standard threaded filter
  • Slight blue color cast (easily fixable)

The NISI filter box and filter set is a product I would highly recommend for anyone looking to outfit their Tamron 15-30mm F2.8 with such a product. It is of high quality and proves to be easy to use in the field. A real must have for landscape photographers. For further information, email

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Peter House is a commercial fashion photographer hailing from Toronto, Canada. He specializes in creating catalog and lifestyle images for many international fashion brands. Peter also runs and operates Studio By House, one of the more popular rental studios in the Toronto area. Peter is a staff writer for Fstoppers and a contributor to the X-Equals plugin team.

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